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Nuvissa: Plasma Pen - Feel You. Feel Beautiful.

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of beauty and rejuvenation with Nuvissa Plasma Pen! Our revolutionary technology harnesses the power of plasma to deliver non-invasive, precision treatments that redefine the art of skincare. Say goodbye to traditional methods and discover a new era of skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and overall skin revitalization. Elevate your confidence and embrace the transformative possibilities with Nuvissa Plasma Pen—where innovation meets beauty.

What is Nuvissa Plasma Pen?

Nuvissa Plasma Pen is a state-of-the-art cosmetic device that utilizes advanced plasma technology to rejuvenate and enhance the skin's appearance. This revolutionary pen works by creating controlled micro-injuries on the skin's surface, triggering the body's natural healing response and stimulating collagen production. The result is a firmer, more youthful complexion with improvements in skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Nuvissa Plasma Pen is known for its precision and versatility, offering non-invasive solutions for a range of cosmetic concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Experience the next level in aesthetic treatments with Nuvissa Plasma Pen, where innovation meets beauty.


How is Nuvissa used?

Nuvissa Plasma Pen is expertly designed to deliver precise and controlled treatments for a variety of cosmetic enhancements. The process begins with a thorough consultation to assess individual skin concerns and treatment goals. Using the pen's cutting-edge plasma technology, trained practitioners apply controlled micro-injuries to the skin's surface, strategically targeting problem areas. These micro-injuries prompt the skin's natural regenerative processes, stimulating collagen production and promoting overall skin rejuvenation. The versatility of Nuvissa Plasma Pen allows for tailored treatments, addressing concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin with precision. The procedure is performed by skilled professionals, ensuring a safe and effective experience. Discover the transformative possibilities of Nuvissa Plasma Pen and unlock a radiant, revitalized complexion.


What are the benefits of Nuvissa?

  • Non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures

  • Stimulates collagen production for improved skin elasticity

  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and improves overall skin texture

  • Versatile treatment addressing various cosmetic concerns

  • Precision in targeting specific areas for tailored solutions

  • Minimal downtime compared to traditional methods

  • Long-lasting results for sustained skin rejuvenation

  • Cutting-edge technology at the forefront of innovative skincare

How can I prepare for my Nuvissa treatment?
Preparing for your Nuvissa Plasma Pen treatment is straightforward and can enhance the effectiveness of the procedure. Prior to your session, it is advisable to avoid sun exposure and tanning, as well as the use of self-tanning products. Refrain from using any harsh skincare products containing retinoids or acids for a few days before your appointment. Additionally, inform your practitioner about any recent cosmetic treatments or medications you may be taking. On the day of your treatment, ensure your skin is clean and free from makeup or lotions. Following these simple guidelines helps create an optimal environment for the Nuvissa Plasma Pen to work its magic, promoting a smoother and more satisfying experience with lasting results.

What should I expect after my Nuvissa treatment?

After your Nuvissa Plasma Pen treatment, it's common to experience some immediate effects and mild side effects. You may notice redness, swelling, and a sensation similar to a sunburn at the treatment site. These effects are usually temporary and should diminish within a few days. It's important to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your practitioner, which may include avoiding sun exposure, using gentle skincare products, and refraining from picking at scabs or crusts that may form.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect the treated area to undergo a natural healing process. Initially, there may be some tiny scabs or crusts, which will eventually fall off, revealing rejuvenated skin underneath. As collagen continues to regenerate, you'll notice improvements in skin texture, firmness, and a reduction in fine lines or wrinkles.

Remember to stay hydrated and moisturize the treated area regularly to support the healing process. If you have any concerns or questions about your post-treatment experience, it's crucial to communicate with your practitioner for personalized guidance and reassurance.

Where can I get Nuvissa Plasma Pen treatments?

If you're interested in Nuvissa plasma pen, Luminescence Aesthetics is a great option to consider. Luminescence Aesthetics is a leading provider of cosmetic treatments

Pricing & Areas of Use:

  • Abdomen -$1000

  • Crows Feet - $400

  • Decollette - $800

  • Frown Lines -$400

  • Full Eyes - $800

  • Jowls - $600

  • Loose Neck - $1000

  • Lower Lids - $400

  • Necklace Lines -$500 

  • NFL/Smile Lines - $500

  • Upper Lids - $400

  • Upper Lip - $200

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